Berg & Moll Rechtsanwälte Avocats advise their clients in cultural heritage law, world heritage law and intangible heritage in the legal, strategic, operational and administrative aspects related to cultural heritage goods, properties, monuments, sites, territories and traditions.

Cultural Heritage Law

Advice and assistance concerning cultural goods and cultural property

  • Certified Historic Building, monument
  • Architect building or monument
  • Buffer zone
  • Remarkable monument, area or site
  • Collection
  • Archives
  • National Treasure
  • Work of art
  • Music Instrument
  • Certified museum (label)
  • Certified garden or parc (label)
  • Archaeological finding

Audit of local or regional cultural expressions

Traditions, know-how, traditional knowledge, etc.

Audit and follow-up on the legal aspects of renovation, restoration, reparation, location or sale of cultural goods or properties

Elaboration and management

  • Application for certification (label)
  • Application for certification as Historic Monument / Building
  • Protective measures for cultural heritage properties and goods
  • Implementation of intellectual property rights
  • Request for customs export document
  • Request for customs document regarding circulation of cultural goods

Drafting of contracts

  • Protection
  • Usage
  • Commercialization
  • Circulation
  • Sale
  • Distribution
  • Funding
  • Corporate patronage
  • Sponsorship

Audit and advice on tax advantages

Donation, dation-in-payment, restoration, corporate patronage, sponsorship, etc.

Training for companies, cultural institutions and heritage actors

Notably related to the integration of legal aspects in the management of the cultural heritage

Conference and lecture for professionals, experts and public

World heritage sites

Advice and assistance

Implementation of diverse and complementary rules and regulations applicable to French sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list

Trainings for institutions, cultural and heritage institutions

Notably related to the integration of legal aspects in the management of the world sites

Conference and lecture for professionals, experts and public

Thanks to our worldwide network of cultural heritage professionals, notably within important national and international institutions (ICOMOS, UNESCO…), we can direct question complementary expertise.

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