Berg & Moll Rechtsanwälte Avocats advice, assist and represent their clients in intellectual property, industrial, commercial and other immaterial business values as well as in new technologies and internet law with the legal, strategic and operational aspects of their activities in France and internationally.

Intellectual property rights, industrial & commercial immaterial business values

Audit of the business innovations, creations and other immaterial values

  • Trademark & Logos
  • Industrial Design
  • Work of Art
  • New technology innovations
  • Related rights
  • Know-how
  • Trade secrets
  • Geographical Indication
  • Databases
  • Utility models

Definition of legal strategy applicable to intellectual property rights (IPR)

Analysis and drafting of agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Copyright assignment agreement
  • Distribution agreement
  • License agreement
  • Buy-out agreement (BO)
  • Employment agreement
  • Work for hire agreement
  • Service provision agreement
  • Production agreement
  • Publishing agreement
  • Corporate patronage agreement
  • Sponsorship agreement

Implementation of IPR measures

Registration, confidentiality agreement, negotiation, etc.

Royalty, remuneration and debt recovery

Formal notice, negotiation, payment demand, litigation and amicable settlement

Economic rights and moral rights defense

Negotiation, amicable settlement, litigation (copyright infringement, unfair competition, etc.)

Enforcement of court decisions and settlement agreements

Inhouse training on demand, conferences and written consultations

Legal status and structures

Audit of the creative environment and the strategic vision in projects and partnerships

Creation, commercialization and distribution of IPR, innovations, new technology and digital solutions

Advice and analysis of social, tax, accounting and administrative differences

Partnership, LLC, independent consultant, designer, artist, craftsperson, etc.

Assistance with setting-up of business structure

  • Relevant structure
  • Registration
  • Social and tax

Drafting of agreements

Creation, commercialization and distribution of intellectual property rights and other immaterial, technological, creative, economic or commercial (domain name, company name, etc.) rights

Legal follow-up of business and IPR evolution

Inhouse training on demand, conferences and written consultations

New Technology Law, Internet Law & Cyberlaw

Legal analysis

Digital and commercial strategy BtoB, BtoC or CtoC (products, goods, services, rights)

Audit, advice and management of immaterial values

Intellectual property, trademark (TM), industrial design, copyright, etc.

Advice and management of privacy and sensitive information, confidentiality and related declarations, notifications, reports and other obligations (RGDP, Safe Harbor)

Audit, advice and management of digital business aspects

Domain name, databases, software, websites, publishing, e-marketing, mobile marketing, etc.

Transfer and buy-out negotiations

Drafting of contracts

  • Terms and conditions (T&C)
  • End User License Agreements (EULA)
  • Mandatory indications
  • Website
  • E-commerce, mobile commerce
  • Online gallery
  • Social media networks
  • Online video
  • Podcast

Audit and management of online content

  • Press law
  • Freedom of expression
  • Privacy rights
  • Publicity rights
  • Image rights
  • Other third-party rights

Advice in artificial intelligence issues (AI)

Enforcement of contracts, court decisions and settlement agreements

Inhouse training on demand, conferences and written consultations