Sara Byström, French Attorney Counsel

Sara Byström

Avocat à la Cour – French Attorney Counsel
Fransk Advokat

Byström Avocat
Registered at the Paris Bar, France
Selarl au capital de 1.000 Euros – RCS Paris 880 508 577 00017

T  +33 1 82 28 19 13
M +33 6 16 45 57 75
F  + 33 1 82 28 19 12

Of Swedish origin and in France since 30 years, Sara Byström has developed strong French and international expertise for both companies and individuals in advising, representing, accompanying and managing legal aspects related to foreign business activities, creative and cultural activities and individual economic interests in France.

She has a specific international business and contract expertise, particularly in e-commerce, e-business and digital activities on the internet or linked to innovative new technologies means. She completes this expertise with specialized skills in intellectual property, marketing, communication, media, consumer- and competition law.

Sara Byström’s expertise is founded on a thorough and specialized French education in conjunction with important legal practice in an international company producing, licencing, distributing intellectual property rights and associated services, notably online and more largely in the digital environment. She thus makes her French, Swedish, Scandinavian, European, international clients benefit from the complementarity of in-depth knowledge and extended experience.

Expert in copyright, Sara Byström puts her expertise at service of artists and actors in the creative and cultural industry to support the protection, distribution, commercialization of their rights, works and activities. Hence, her clients are numerous from the art, photography and design world, the art market as well from the film and entertainment industry.

Enriched by intercultural experiences, she advises, represents, assists her individual clients with their financial and economic affairs in France, notably with strategies related to French real estate and inheritance law.

Sara Byström is also teacher, trainer and lecturer in international conferences and seminars on intellectual property rights, media and copyright issues, art market law and legal aspects in photography and images. Expert in copyright law, photography law, street art, craftmanship and cultural heritage law, she is the author and co-author of many articles for speciality magazines, seminar publications and reference books.


French, English, Swedish, Danish

Areas of specialisation

  • Business law
  • E-commerce
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Marketing & Competition
  • New Technology & Internet
  • Communication & Media
  • Copyright
  • Photography & Images
  • Entertainment
  • Art law
  • Cultural heritage
  • Intangible heritage & World heritage


  • Berg & Moll Rechtsanwälte Avocats
    At present
  • Byström Avocat Selarl, Paris
    At present
  • Sara Byström law firm, Paris
  • Swearing-in at the French Bar, Court of Appeal Paris
  • Certificate WIPO – ICOM : International Art & Cultural heritage Mediation
  • Referent Professor & Trainer at University level, Business Schools and Art & Cultural industries Management Schools, Paris
  • Inhouse Senior lawyer B.L.A. EMEA, Corbis Sygma & Corbis France, Paris (part of Corbis Corporation, a Bill Gates USA Company)
  • Fifth Years Diploma in Law Innovation Communication Culture : Cultural Heritage, University Paris 11 Sceaux (M2)
  • Fifth years Diploma in Intellectual Property Law : Copyright and Related Rights, University of Nantes (DEA – M2)
  • Fourth years Diploma in Private Law – Business Law, University Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne Paris (Maîtrise – M1)