Law Business Projects


International Business Law

Strategic, operational und legal assistance in German, French, Polish and international business law: commercial law, corporate law, M&A, employment law, private international law, EU-law.

Construction Law & Real Estate Law

Real estate investment projects in Germany: public and private construction law, legal contract management, condominium projects, commercial and residential leases and real estate law.

Investment & Financing

Infrastructure and logistics projects in Germany, France, Poland and in Eurasian economic area, legal project management, early stage due diligence, subsidies, transport.

E-commerce and digital activities

Audit, negotiation and drafting of e-commerce and digital activities’ contracts; consumer law and competition law; personally identifiable information: PII, data protection and information law; legal management in e-marketing and digital communication; internet and website contents; strategic and legal management of digital and on-line media; transfer of rights related to digital technologies.

International Family Law, Inheritance & Business Succession

Marriage, divorce, statutory pension rights adjustment, alimony, custody, adoption; last will, testamentary contract, estate planning, tax law; strategy, legal due diligence, risk analysis of business succession.

International Art Law

German French und international art law: legal assistance related to creation, commercialisation and licensing of works as well as to the distribution of the art object or artwork on the art market; protection of cultural property; copyright, moral rights.

Litigation & ADR

Civil and commercial litigation, international litigation, debt collection, arbitration, mediation.