Berg & Moll International Lawyers assist their clients in all phases of real estate investment projects in Germany (project idea, planning, construction, exploitation and exit) and give advice on all related legal issues. In close synergy with our clients, we determine and set up the appropriate corporate structure. Additionally, we accompany the negotiation of agreements with public authorities and stakeholders of the construction project.

Public Construction Law & Private Construction Law

Berg & Moll International Lawyers specialize in

  • Negotiation of urban development contracts
  • Assistance on the building permission procedure
  • Drafting and implementation of contracts with architects and engineers, project management contracts, building contracts according to VOB and BGB, work contracts, subcontracting contracts, neighbouring rights agreements

Legal management of the contractual construction operations

Berg & Moll International Lawyers represent the interests of building contractors and real estate investors during the construction phase, particularly in the following areas:

  • Claims for defects and claims for damages
  • Legal warranties
  • Penalties and collaterals
  • Claims for work compensation
  • Disputes concerning architects’ and engineers’ fees
  • Additional works and management
  • Acceptance of building work
  • Work interruption, delay management
  • Termination of construction contracts
  • Replacement of building parties
  • Insolvency

Condominium projects

Berg & Moll International Lawyers specialize in the developing of apartment projects with property developers. From the beginning of the project, the planning and construction phase of the buildings must be coordinated with the condominium property law and property developer law. This also affects the contractual relationships with all stakeholders involved in the construction. Berg & Moll International Lawyers advise on

  • Condominium property law
  • Property developer law (broker and property developer regulations)

Our clients are:

  • Condominium properties
  • Individual owners
  • Property managers
  • Building joint ventures
  • Consortia of companies, construction companies
  • Real estate fonds

Real Estate Law

Berg & Moll advise and represent international and national investors in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties.

Areas of expertise:

  • Legal due diligence
  • Drafting of acquisition and sale of real estate agreements
  • Drafting of commercial property leases
  • Drafting of tenancy agreements
  • Termination of agreements
  • Rent increases, rent indexation
  • Modernization work
  • Definition and implementation of the corporate and organizational structure of real estate funds
  • Agreements with property managers, reporting
  • Agreements with property agents

Berg & Moll International Lawyers represent their clients before the relevant jurisdictions and arbitral tribunals.