Berg & Moll International Lawyers advice and assist their clients in strategic, operational and legal questions of their e-commerce and digital activities in France and in Poland or intended for French and Polish clients and internet users.

Audit, negotiation and drafting of e-commerce and digital activities’ contracts

  • Sales contracts, framework agreements, amendments, terms & conditions (T&C, EULA, etc.)
  • International sales agreements
  • Electronic service provider agreements
  • Digital platform service agreements
  • Technical intermediary and media service agreements
  • Intellectual property rights agreements, licence, buy-out, work for hire
  • Domain name transfer agreements
  • Software agreements
  • Database transfer and licence agreements
  • Computer service provisions
  • On-line distribution agreements
  • On-line payment solution terms

Consumer law and competition law

  • BtoB, BtoC et CtoC regulations
  • Unfair competition
  • Anti-competitive practices
  • Comparative advertising
  • Refusal to supply
  • Coercive tied selling
  • Unfair terms
  • On-line payment

Personally identifiable information: PII, data protection and information law

RGDP, Safe Harbor, cookies, personal data system management, reporting, etc.

Legal management in e-marketing and digital communication

  • Trademark rights and IPR
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • E-marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • App marketing
  • Social network communication

Internet and website contents

  • Web design
  • Copyright
  • Photography rights
  • Image rights
  • Infringements
  • Model release
  • Hyperlinks
  • Licencing
  • Royalties
  • Work for hire
  • Buy-outs
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Press law and defamation

Strategic and legal management of digital and on-line media

Risk management: media strategy, performance measures, management tools, etc.

Transfer of rights related to digital technologies

For accounting and taxation matters, Berg & Moll International Lawyers refer to a network of experts with international experience to offer integrated solutions.